English Speaking Solicitor and Barrister in Germany

Veit Klinger is a German solicitor / Barrister (Rechtsanwalt) and bar certified specialist for probate and estate planning (Fachanwalt für Erbrecht). He is partner of “WF Frank & Partner Rechtsanwälte”, a law firm entirely specializing in cross border probate law with a special focus on contentious probate matters/litigation . He is fluent in English and has a special focus on English speaking clients with connections to Germany. Mr Klinger has been practicing cross border probate law exclusively since 2006.


Representation in Contentious / contested probate proceedings in Germany

Mr. Klinger`s special focus is contentious / contested probate proceedings (probate litigation). He is an experienced probate litigator and represents German and foreign beneficiaries, as well as executors in German courts, e.g.

  • Forced heirship claims under German law (Pflichtteil)
  • Will contest on the grounds of Undue Influence and Lack of Mental Capacity (e.g. dementia or paranoia).
  • Dissolution of community of co-heirs (Erbengemeinschaft)
  • Dismissal/removal of executors
  • Contentious Determination of heirs (Erbenfeststellungklage)

Representation in Contentious Trust Matters

Although no trusts exist under German law in the strictest sense, there are some German legal instruments that are similar to Trusts (e.g. “Dauertestamentsvollstreckung”, “Vor- und Nacherbschaft”, “Stiftung”) and German courts may interpret foreign trusts the equivalent German legal instruments. Mr. Klinger represents German and foreign trust beneficiaries as well as Trustees in German courts, e.g.

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Accounting
  • Removal of Trustee (z.B. Dauertestamentsvollstrecker)
  • Trust Modification
  • Trust Termination 

Support for Estate/Probate Proceedings in Germany

Mr. Klinger regularly advises and assists clients acting as executors or trustees (of common law jurisdictions including U.S.A., England & Wales, Canada, South Africa, Australia) with assets in Germany.  His services include:

  • Obtaining recognition of validity from German probate courts for international wills and the issuance of German Letters of Executorship (Testamentsvollstreckerzeugnis) for foreign executors
  • Assistance with obtaining German Certificate of Inheritance (Erbschein) for estates of foreign nationals or domiciliaries
  • Providing legal representation for foreign heirs, beneficiaries, executors, administrators and trustees of estate in connection with obtaining assets held by German banks, insurance companies and financial institutions, passing both through or outside of probate
  • Assistance with the preparation and filing of German estate, inheritance, and gift tax returns for international estates, heirs and beneficiaries to ensure recognition of payments of foreign gift and estate taxes in Germany and deduction of such payments from any German inheritance and gift tax liabilities
  • Representing executors, administrators, heirs, beneficiaries and trustees before German probate courts and taxation authorities, including obtaining tax clearance for the release of German assets passing to foreign heirs and beneficiaries and defending against claims of unwarranted German inheritance and gift taxes
  • Consulting regarding the structuring and timing of distributions from foreign trusts by foreign trustees to German resident beneficiaries to minimize any German inheritance and gift tax liabilities


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