Our Fees

Legal billing can be overly complicated and overwhelming for clients. Accordingly, we make every attempt to manage our clients’ expectations and provide clarity when it comes to our billing practices. Consistent with these goals, we have included a brief description of our various billing policies below.

Initial Consultation

We generally advise potential clients to engage in an initial consultation which allows all parties the opportunity to review the matter and determine a strategy for moving forward. For an initial consultation we charge a flat fee of $380.00. An initial consultation includes approximately one hour of review of relevant documents, facts and legal authority and a phone or email consultation. There is no further obligation other than the fee described above, however, should additional review and/or analysis be sought an additional fee may be required.

Hourly Fee Agreement

Once we have familiarized ourselves with your matter by engaging in an initial consultation, we will discuss a reasonable renumeration agreement. The default client agreement calls for an hourly arrangement in which we charge an hourly fee for our services. The hourly fee is determined by the complexity of the matter and the attorney assigned to the matter and the level of their skill and expertise. We can assure our clients that we do not nickel and dime our clients and we do not charge them for non-substantive services.

Fixed Fee

If we can estimate the scope of the services required to complete your matter with a certain level of certainty, we may agree to a fixed fee for specific services. These agreements typically arise when there is clarity about what is required in terms of services and there is certainty regarding the potential outcome. In the case of a fixed fee agreement, a retainer is typically sought.

Contingency Fee Agreement

We welcome the opportunity to discuss contingency fee agreements with our clients and we certainly engage in these billing arrangements. However, such an agreement is dependent on a fact pattern and legal position that lends itself to such an agreement. Should a contingency fee agreement be executed it typically results in no upfront expenses and/or fees until an agreed result is realized which results in the firm receiving a percentage of the recovery. Should no recovery result, there are generally no legal fees due.